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We have just been informed that for the time being all wineries are to close or only open for outside service. When this changes or we can manage some outside service we will let everyone know. However, we will be available for curbside pick-up from Saturday noon-3 or Sunday by appointment and don't forget about our to go tasting packs! get 4 samples of our premium red wines for just $12. Please call ahead for any orders so we can  have them ready when you arrive.

COVID-19 Precautions

Our first priority is and always has been taking care of family.  We have opened our family to you all and we are better for it.

In this unprecedented time in our history, we want to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable with obtaining their Lester Family Cellars wines.  Therefore, we have a new system you can choose from to ensure your safety and a proper stock of wine in case of the need to sequester at home.

Drive by or pick up

If you prefer to implement social distancing, call in your order and time of pick up and we will bring it to you curbside.


If you live within a 15ish mile radius, call in your order and we will deliver a minimum order of 3 bottles.

We are closely monitoring the situation and using the guidelines set by our government.

Wine is an essential part of life and our shelves are stocked for now. Remember, it is said that a  70% alcohol content can kill this virus.  We’ll get you to 15% and the rest is up to you.

Remember, if you are, or could be sick, please stay home.

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Prohibition Rules

Must be 21 years or older to enter

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