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  • What did Television Academy founder Syd Cassyd originally want to call the Emmy?  a)  Irving       b) Millie            c) Ike          d)  Amy
  •  When was the first Emmy Awards ceremony held?
a) March 2, 1951    b) January 25, 1949    c) August 19, 1960   d) June 13, 1933

Only six awards were handed out at the inaugural event

  • Who won the first Emmy award? 
a)  A Ventriloquist      b) A talking horse    c) A news anchor       d) A magician

Shirley Dinsdale, star of The Judy Splinters Show won it for Most Outstanding Television Personality.

  • Which Supreme Court Justice once hosted the Emmys? 
a) Harry Blackman    b) Sandra Day O’Connor    c) John Paul Stevens                         d) Earl Warren

Warren was the Governor of California when he hosted the Emmys in 1951.

  • How much does an Emmy statuette cost to make? 
a) $50      b) $200            c) $400        ) $1,500


  • According to a 2015 study by Rolling Stone, characters in what line of work receive the most Emmy nominations? 
a)  Law enforcement        b) Sports           c) Medicine             d) Education


  • As of 2018, and with 8 Emmy awards on her mantle, which performer(s) hold the record for most Emmy wins?

a) Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett (tie)

b) Cloris Leachman and Julia-Louis Dreyfus (tie)

c) Candice Bergen

d)Sara Jessica Parker

Leachman won for performances on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Malcolm in the Middle, Promised Land, A Brand New Life and The SAG 50th Anniversary Celebration.  Dreyfus for her roles in Veep, The New Adventures of Old Christine and Seinfeld.

  • Which of the following actors holds the record for the most Emmys won by a male performer?
a)Ed Asner          b) James Spader      c) Carroll O’Connor          d) Ted Danson

Asner had 7 Emmys for work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rich Man, Poor Man and Lou Grant.

  • What performer holds the record for being the oldest winner ever?             a) Luclie Ball     b) Betty White    c) Ernie Kovacs       d) Sid Ceasar

Betty White won an Emmy at age 88 for hosting SNL in 2010.

  • The Emmy statuette is a winged woman holding an atom. What do the wings and the atom represent, respectively?

a) Independence and Innovation

b) Creativity and Power

c) Birds and Explosions

d) Arts and Science

The academy rejected 47 other proposals before settling in this design.

  • The Emmy categories have changed over the years. Which of the following used to be a category? 

a) Best Fight

b) Best On-screen moment

c) Outstanding Reality-Romance Program

d) Best continuing performance in a series by a Comedienne, Singer, Hostess, Dancer, M.C., Announcer, Narrator, Panelist, or any person who essentially plays themselves.

The story goes that this category was launched as a means to get Lucile Ball and Emmy.  It didn’t work.  Dinah Shore won instead, and by the next year, the category was gone.



  • Which streaming service was the first to win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama?
a) Amazon Prime Video     b) Netflix      c) CBS All Access      d) Hulu

Hulu won for Handmaid’s Tale in 2017

  • Who is the only performer to be nominated for his portrayal of the same character on three different shows?
a) Michael J. Fox      b) Kelsey Grammar     c) Jim Parsons         d) John Lithgow

Grammar was nominated 10 times for Frasier (winning four times), two times for Cheers and once for Wings.

  • Which of the following innovations in watching sports from the comfort of your couch won an Emmy?

a) The glowing puck in NHL games

b) The yellow first down line in NFL games

c) On- line betting

d) March Madness

Tech company Sportvision created the helpful line that was made it’s debut in 1989 during a Ravens-Bengals game on ESPN.  It won 2 Emmys.

  • What were the Super Emmys?

a) When the winners from Drama and Comedy were then judged against each other for an award

b) The original name for the Daytime Emmys

c) The 1966 ceremony, which was hosted by Adam West and Burt Ward in character as Batman and Robin

d) Emmy statuettes that were twice the size of the traditional awards

The 1974 Emmys pitted the winners of drama and comedy against each other to determine performer of the year.  The idea was a huge flop and was never discussed again.

  • As of 2018, who holds the record for most Emmy nominations?
a) Johnny Carson      b) Lorne Michaels    c) Carol Burnett    d) Kelsey Grammar

Michaels is the creator of Saturday Night Live.  He’s received 87 nominations.

  • Who was so excited about his Emmy award for writing that he did a cartwheel on his way to the podium?
a) Aziz Ansari      b) Donald Glover        c) Alan Alda                d) Bill Hader

Alda won in 1979 for his writing on M*A*S*H having also won Emmy’s for directing and acting on the show- oh and winning a Super Emmy.

  • Which of these First Ladies is the only one to win an Emmy?
a) Laura Bush      b) Michelle Obama       c) Pat Nixon        d) Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy won in 1962 for her Tour of White House

  • How long was the shortest Emmy acceptance speech ever?
a) Two words            b) 11 words      c) 1 word              ) four words

Merritt Weaver’s 2013 acceptance speech for her supporting role in Nurse Jackie: “Thanks so much. Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye.”

  • Angela Lansbury was nominated 12 times for her role as Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote. How many times did she win?
a) Zero        b) One              c) Six                    d) Seven


  • Where are the Emmys made?
a) Houston               b) Philadelphia     c) Chicago              d) Sacramento