Releasing a new wine is always an exciting time for any winemaker.  It represents the culmination of hard work, patience and anticipation that comes with each new wine.  Like anything you nurture and grow, releasing a new wine is like cutting the apron strings and letting a loved child go out into the world for the first time.  It is exciting because you know the wine is going to continue aging and, like anything that matures, it will grow in character.

The development of a wine is such a long process.  You prune back the vine to prepare it for the growth season.  You watch as tiny green beads grow into beautiful grape clusters.  You insure that the leaves give the clusters shelter while at the same time provide enough exposure to the sun for healthy growth.  You protect the fruit from disease and the elements and from deer, birds and bees. Finally, when the sugar level is just right, it is harvest time.  Then the fun really begins.  After harvesting the grapes, there is crushing and de-stemming (sometimes we even do it I Love Lucy style).  Then we punch down giving the skins time to enrich the juice with flavor and color.  Finally, it is time to press the grapes and put the juice in the oak barrels where it will begin its maturation into our beautiful wine.

After months in the barrel, carefully being watched and nurtured, the wine is ready to bottle and release.  So, you can see, this is a moment that any proud guardian would anticipate with joy and excitement.  

We will be releasing our 2016 Syrah Saturday, June 15 so stop by and try our Syrah vertical!