It's a strange time right now and I know we are all doing our best to adapt.  Although we know that new world definitely should include Lester Family Cellars wine, we also know that most of your day, like ours, is still focused on family, home schooling kids, pet love and work.  So, we thought we'd share some blog posts that may help.  Maybe read them with a nice 2016 Syrah. 

As always- from our hearts to your glass.


1)  CHANGE OUT OF YOUR PAJAMAS- and make your bed.  It seems simple but doing these two things put you in a productive mind set.

2)  EMBRACE KITCHEN FREEDOM-enjoy the fact that you can make any kind of beverage you want in your own home (French Press anyone).  Make your lunch and snacks ahead of time each morning so they are available during the appropriate break times.  This will keep you from munching all day.

3)  PLAN YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE EVERY MORNING- build in breaks and  specific lunch hour and stick to that schedule.

4)  DO TWO SHORT ACTIVE THINGS DURING THE DAY- even 15 minutes up and out of your chair will reset your attitude (and your posture).

5)  MAKE YOUR SPACE SOMEWHERE YOU WANT TO SPEND TIME- use your favorite coffee mug, get some flowers, organize and tidy up your work space each night before you quit.

6)  TRY TO MAINTAIN YOUR OFFICE SOCIAL HABITS- stay in contact with your office mates/team.  We fundamentally have a need to be nurtured by a community.

7)  IF YOU WORK IN YOUR BEDROOM- try to separate your work space from your bed, if possible.

8)  IT'S OKAY TO EMBRACE THE ABILITY TO DO A QUICK CHORE- feeling productive at home increases work focus.